Break Entertainment

Break Entertainment

Sound Heart conference is happy to announce that there will be yet another bazaar this year, and exclusive entertainment for attendants of all ages. Throughout the conference numerous vendors will be selling, and showcasing their products and services. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to not only help local businesses but also to help the local community.

Sound Heart Conference is also happy to announce that there will be a wide array of food varieties that will be available to attendants. The bazaar also offers participants the chance to socialize and meet with family, friends and other attendants of this year’s sound heart conference.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be giving away free prizes to attendants who visit the bazaar. Of the several prizes we have to offer there will be numerous gift cards to places like Tim Horton’s and much more!

This year’s bazaar will be filled with entertainment that is fit for the whole family (Seniors, Adults, and youth). From Quran competitions and trivia to pool tables and dart matches to basketball and tug of war, this year’s bazaar will be sure to keep everyone engaged!

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