The Heart Therapy Free Event


The Heart Therapy Free Event | Dr. Ali AlBarghouthi, Ph.D.

So often we hear the words:

  • “I feel hardness in my heart”
  • “I do not find any joy in worship”
  • “I feel that my faith has hit rock bottom”
  • “Reading the Quran doesn’t move me”
  • “I fall into sins so easily”

If you find yourself saying these words too often (verbally or in your heart), then you need this free class.  The instructor collected 40 hadith on the heart and its purification.

You will:

  • Learn about the ailments of the the heart and their cures.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of nature of the human heart and how to perform it.
  • Learn the connection between the reformation of the heart and other facets of Islam.
  • Discover the effect of heart purification on the life of the individual and society.
  • And most importantly, you will also distinguish between the right and the wrong methods of purifying our hearts.

Click the links below to listen to the audio lessons:

  1. Listen to Day One 
  2. Listen to Day Two
  3. Listen to Day Three
  4. Listen to Day Four
  5. Listen to Day Five
  6. Listen to Day Six
  7. Listen to Day Seven
  8. Listen to Day Eight
  9. Listen to Day Nine
  10. Listen to Day Ten
  11. Listen to Day Eleven
  12. Listen to Day Twelve
  13. Listen to Day Thirteen
  14. Listen to Day Fourteen
  15. Listen to Day Fifteen
  16. Listen to Day Sixteen
  17. Listen to Day Seventeen
  18. Listen to Day Eighteen
  19. Listen to Day Nineteen
  20. Listen to Day Twenty
  21. Listen to Day Twenty One
  22. Listen to Day Twenty Two

If you have any questions for the Instructors, please join our Facebook Group created for this class: Click Here


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